Charleston Fashion Week 2017

Charleston Fashion Week 2017 wrapped up last Saturday night! I photographed every. single. night! Totally worth it because I didn’t miss any of the street style or runway looks. Thanks to Caroline Tan for snapping a few photos of me!

Night 1

I kicked my week off at the tents with Charleston Weekender! We collaborated on a super cute shoot earlier this month at Zero George to highlight Fashion Week looks from Francis + Benedict, Hermosa Jewelry, and Blo Blow Dry Bar in Mount Pleasant (I’ve shared a bit of this shoot on Instagram, but more is coming soon!) I couldn’t resist asking the girls at Francis + Benedict to wear their Cassis Super Mini skirt. I am in LOVE, you guys! I paired it with my Madewell white Central Shirt and dotted Madewell heels. Liz looked amazing in her black and white look with the bright tassel earrings! 

My favorite show of the night was local Charleston boutique Julep. I am obsessed with the bright patterns and bathing suits! Pool weather get here now please! 

Night 2

Local model English Burch killed street style on Wednesday wearing an incredible sequin blazer by one of Fashion Week’s Emerging Designers, Andrew Clancey.

My favorite designer on the runway on night two was Emerging Designer Jesse Thaxton. I couldn’t get enough of the details in her futuristic knitwear. And, bangin’ sunglasses all around!

Night 3

Fashion blogger Miss Tara Belle had my favorite street style look of the entire week. She wore a ‘girl genius’ muscle tank by Rachel Roy and super fun pins on her denim jacket. Totally loving the pops of pink! And how amazing is the custom Taxidermy embroidery on her jacket!? 

Twin bloggers Carol & Kenzie of KC Double Take rocked these floral jackets (they’re from TARGET you guys! Get on that!)

Emerging Designer Quinan Dalton had some seriously amazing textures going on in her collection. I’m loving that electric blue sweater and shorts combo!

Night 4

It was freezing the entire week (at least in Charleston terms), but that late evening light made everyone look more amazing than they already did. Monochrome looks were super popular on Friday. Charleston Shop Curator managed to stay warm while looking totally chic.

 I met the super sweet and hilarious photographer Ariel Hudler earlier in the week, and girl looked fabulous every night even with her camera around her neck. Love the blue on blue action!  

Night 5

I caught up with Charleston Weekender again for the finale (we made have rolled in on a pedicab!) Liz wore Francis + Benedict paired with the perfect bag to say au revoir to Fashion Week.   

My girl Hilary Johnson, founder of Hatch Tribe, was the emcee for the finale! Um, amazing right!? I caught her outside the tents looking incredible and she spoke about women’s empowerment up on stage. Hell yeah, girl!

Saturday night is always the best because the winning Emerging Designers from each night show their collections again. Fern Mallis, creator of New York Fashion Week, and a panel of judges select a grand prize winner at the end of the night. 

Nadine Ralliford won the competition with her insane draping skills! She had such an interesting combination of colors, patterns, and textures.

The featured designer of the night was Rachel Roy. Pom poms, floral sunglasses, and chambray jumpsuits!? Yes please! Her collection was such a fun way to end the week.

It was a thrilling week, you guys! It’s so much fun to share the best of Charleston style and highlight the talent on the runway at Charleston Fashion Week. See you at the tents next year!

Emerge Summit

On Saturday I photographed and attended Emerge Summit, a full-day retreat for ambitious women who came for some serious fun, connection, and knowledge! It was hosted by Hilary Johnson, the founder of Hatch Tribe, Stephanie Burg, a certified nutrition and lifestyle coach, and Emily Cassel, a feminine leadership coach. For some background, I have been attending Hatch Tribe meetings in Charleston since August 2016, and it has totally changed my life and business. But, more on my obsession with Hatch Tribe in a future post. I could go on forever!

I have photographed many events for Hatch Tribe so when Hilary, Stephanie, and Emily asked me to take photos at Emerge Summit I was pumped. I get to take photos at gorgeous Coleman Hall AND spend an entire day with amazing ladies? YES PLEASE! Also, we could wear yoga-friendly clothing all day. DOUBLE YES!!

The day was centered around three workshops by Hilary, Stephanie, Emily. Here are my favorite takeaways from each! 

 1. Hilary Johnson – Finding Your Strength & Courage to Follow Your Own Path 

I always love hearing Hilary speak because she offers the best tips to take actual, tangible action. After writing down things we want to do, create, experience, and learn, I got to the root of what I want to be doing in my business and most importantly, WHY. By the end of her workshop, I was ready to re-write the story I had in my head about the potential of my dreams and wrote out action steps to get there. And this was all by 11:30am! 

2. Stephanie Burg – How to Leverage the Wisdom of Your Body
for Greater Success

Stephanie taught us all about something we all go through
every month of our lives but hardly ever talk about or listen to- our cycles!
She broke each week of the month down so that we could more clearly see what’s
going on and what our bodies crave. I think I’ll take the follicular phase
(tons of creativity and heightened energy!) v. the luteal phase (PMS,
self-doubt), but it’s all part of the process, right? I left Stephanie’s
workshop feeling inspired to work with my body and recognize the obvious signs
it’s telling me!  

3. Emily Cassel – Soulful Feminine Leadership: Pursuing Your
Powerful Mission with Freedom + Flow

In Emily’s workshop, we broke down our missions in life and
business. She asked us why our missions were important to ourselves and to the
world, leading us to create a short, unique mantra. Mine is “determination to
inspire!” With our mantras in mind, we brainstormed ways we could live out this
mission in our everyday lives with more flow and ease. I ended Emily’s workshop
feeling so ready to spread my inspiration out into the world!

We also had several mini sessions, like a 30-minute yoga class
taught by the amazing Katie Ashley (I also won her book in a raffle at the end
of the day!) followed by a delicious lunch from Verde. And yes, we danced. We all
groaned and backed away when we realized we were about to freestyle in the
middle of a gigantic circle, but it was easily the most hilarious and
soul-baring part of the day. I watched people totally let loose through my
camera and I secretly relished capturing everyone’s dance moves.

It’s hard to process the amount of fulfillment, joy, connection,
and possibility that I felt during Emerge Summit. But the incredible part is I
can take all of this energy and apply it now and forever! Hilary, Stephanie,
and Emily- totally begging you to create Emerge Summit II ASAP, and I know all
of the other attendees would back me up!

Pre-Valentine’s Date Night

Hunter and I went out for a pre-Valentine’s dinner because we are too lazy to go out on a Tuesday. Le Farfalle had been our list of restaurants to try in Charleston (which is a never ending list, by the way). Monza is usually our go-to for Italian but we figured it was time to break the going-to-Monza-once-a-month streak. 

Le Farfalle has a modern and fancy yet laid-back vibe, so I thought it was a perfect chance to dress up my button-up flare jeans. Considering all of the carbs I ate (warm rosemary focaccia bread and the buckwheat spaghetti), wearing the tightest jeans I own was not the greatest idea. But carbs and flare jeans are always, always worth it. I wore a new Madewell button-back plaid shirt in a rosy pink color I didn’t expect to like on me, but it ended up being perfect for Valentine’s Day!

The flares are sold out, but just in case you want to drool over them anyway like I do you can find them here. The plaid Courier shirt is one of my favorite shirt shapes (this is the 4th one I’ve bought) so get on it!

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